Prepared Slides – The Environment: Animals and Plants Damaged by Pollution (10 slides) KONUS #4952


Set of 10 Prepared Slides by Konus: The Environment.


  1. Plant parts infested with plant lice transversal section.
  2. Damaged leaves transversal section destroyed epidermis.
  3. Damages needles of conifers transversal section.
  4. Plant stem, damaged by the game, transversal section.
  5. Wood destroyed by fungus.
  6. Skin of fish transversal section, injured by chemicals.
  7. Skin ulcer of an amphibian transversal section.
  8. Human lung with coal dust transversal section.
  9. Goiter caused by deficiency of iodine.
  10. Gall nut caused by lice transversal section.

Special Offer – 10 blank slides and cover slips included FREE with this item!

Prepared Slides – The Environment by Konus. #4952 Animals and Plants Damaged by Pollution.

The protection of the environment and the necessity to stop pollution of the Earth are among the hottest and most debated topics nowadays, which makes these series of slides particularly interesting for young learners. This set shows animals and plants damaged by pollution. This includes slides showing the effects of water pollution on aquatic species, environmental damage to man’s health and some food adulterations.

– Packed in a practical and attractive Box.
– Each slides features an individual description of the related specimen in 8 languages.
– The set includes the description of the whole 34 series of Konus’ range of slides, embracing many different themes.
– Every set is introduced and commented by a Professor of a renowned University.


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