Prepared Slides – Biology 2: The Cell and Animal Tissues (25 slides) KONUS #4986


Set of 25 Prepared Slides: No.1 of 6 in the Konus Biology 2 Series.


  1. Squamous epithelium amphibian.
  2. Stratified squamous epithelium.
  3. Cuboidal epithelium.
  4. Simple columnar epithelium.
  5. Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium.
  6. Ciliated epithelium.
  7. Transitional epithelium.
  8. White fibrous tissue rat tail.
  9. Reticular tissue.
  10. Adipose tissue.
  11. Hyaline cartilage.
  12. Elastic cartilage.
  13. Fiber cartilage.
  14. Bone, human.
  15. Bone developing, cartilage, joint of finger of foetus.
  16. Blood, fish.
  17. Blood, sparrow.
  18. Blood, human.
  19. Striated muscle, teased preparation showing whole fibres, nuclei, fibrillae and striations.
  20. Smooth involuntary muscle teased preparation.
  21. Heart muscle, teased preparation showing branching cells striation and intercalar discs.
  22. Muscle and tendon lateral section.
  23. Nerve cells, section spinal cord, silver impregnation.
  24. Nerve transversal and lateral section hematos and eosine.
  25. Motor nerve endings in intercostal muscles, gold impregnation.

Prepared Slides – BIOLOGY 2 SERIES by Konus. #4986 The Cell and Animal Tissues.

This series is about the part of Biology that studies the human body.
It features the various cell and animal tissues, organs, bones and fluids of this marvellous “machine”, not only when they are healthy but also when they are affected by serious illnesses such as pneumonia or cancer.
– Packed in a practical and attractive box.
– Each slides features an individual description of the related specimen in 8 languages.
– Every set includes the description of the whole 34 series of the Konus range of slides, embracing many different themes.
– Every set is introduced and commented by a professor of a renowned University.


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