Binoculars for Motorsports

It is important to choose the correct magnification and size Binoculars for watching Motorsports!

We generally recommend a mid range magnification of 7-10x binoculars for watching Motorsports. We also have some ‘fixed focus’ binoculars which are great for fast moving Motor Sports. Compact binoculars or a monocular might be a good idea as their reduced size and weight mean they are more portable if you are carrying them for any length of time!

Binoculars ranging from 7x to 10x magnification are recommended for Motorsports and other outdoor sports. It is a mistake to go with very high powered binoculars, certainly no more than 12x magnification. High powered binoculars become unsteady and unless they are very large give a very narrow field of view.

Our sporting event binoculars give superb clarity and bright images, whilst getting you close-up to the action. Their combination of quality optical glass and specialised coatings give great result every time.

The compact, ergonomic design of our recommended binoculars for Motorsports ensure comfortable, easy handling for extended periods. Large eyepieces are ideally the best for comfort. Eyepieces can either be rotated in or folded down for spectacle wearers or twisted out for users who don’t wear glasses wearers.  The Diopter adjustment allows correction for any discrepancy between the left and right eye of the user.

All of our recommended binoculars for Motorsports come with a strap carry case and cleaning cloth to keep your binoculars safe and operating up to scratch. They are also rubber armoured which helps protect against bumps and knocks.

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