Prepared Slides – Botany: Fungi, Lichens and Bryophytes (15 slides) KONUS #4982


Set of 15 Prepared Slides: No.2 of 5 in the Konus Botany Series.

# 4982 Fungi, Lichens and Bryophytes – (15 SLIDES)

  1. Rhizopus, bread mould, developing sporangia.
  2. Rhizopus nigricans whole mount.
  3. Spurred rye sporae.
  4. Penicillium whole mount.
  5. Penicillium, conidia on conidiophores.
  6. Aspergillus whole mount.
  7. Aspergillus, conidia on conidiophores.
  8. Saccharomyces, budding, whole mount.
  9. Yeast dividing, whole mount.
  10. Peziza, cup fungus, section of apothecium with asci.
  11. Ustilago tritici, loose smut of wheat.
  12. Ustilago zeae, corn smut, section of pustule showing developing chlamydospores.
  13. Coprinus, sec. showing basidia and spores.
  14. Lichen, section vegetative portion of thallus.
  15. Lichen, section of apothecium.
Special Offer – 10 blank slides and cover slips included FREE with this item!

Prepared Slides – BOTANY SERIES by Konus. #4982 Fungi, Lichens and Bryophytes.

There are 5 sets of slides in this Botany series by Konus. The series’ theme is the vegetal world. It is a breath-taking journey that begins from the single cell and then encompasses flowers, mushrooms and trees. In particular, dedicated series are available for some key genres of plants (gymnospermae, angiospermae and tropical plants). This second set of 15 slides focuses on Fungi, Lichens and Bryopyhtes.

– Packed in a practical and attractive box.
– Each slides features an individual description of the related specimen in 8 languages.
– Every set includes the description of the whole 34 series of the Konus range of slides, embracing many different themes.
– All sets are introduced and commented by a Professor of a renowned University.


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