Prepared Slides – Zoology: Animal & Human Parasites (10 slides) KONUS #4918


Set of 10 Prepared Slides: 7 of 7 in the Konus Zoology Series.


  1. Tapeworm proglottis (tapeworm)
  2. Tapeworm egg (tapeworm)
  3. Muscle infected with Trichinella spiralis larvae.
  4. Trypanosome infected blood smear (sleeping sickness).
  5. Blood smear infected with malaria Plasmodium.
  6. Liver of rabbit infected with coccidiosis.
  7. Liver worm (Fasciola) in cross section.
  8. Male and female of Schistosoma mansoni, bilharzia worm.
  9. Dog tapeworm hydatid cyst (Echinococcus).
  10. Human and dog intestinal worms (roundworms).
Special Offer – 10 blank slides and cover slips included FREE with this item!

Prepared Slides – ZOOLOGY SERIES by Konus. #4918 Animal & Human Parasites

The Konus series of Zoology slides present a panoramic view of the animal world from a microscopic point of view.
There are 7 sets in the series. They illustrate the world of unicellular animals, the world of insects, the characteristics of the reproduction of invertebrate and vertebrate animals, fish, frogs, lizards, snakes and birds and finally animal parasites.
The samples that form each series are internal organs and their parts. They have been carefully chosen to build subjects of observation and study of great interest.

The series will prove invaluable for the experienced student by widening their knowledge in the biological field.
With these prepared slides, Zoology will also become a fascinating subject for the young novice with observations with the microscope.
– Packaged in practical boxes.
– Each slide has a code number and description in 8 languages.
– Each pack includes a commentary from a university professor and a list of the 34 series.


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