Prepared Slides – 50 Slides: Animal and Plant Specimens


This set of 50 Prepared Slides is tailor-made for the scientists of tomorrow, who want to begin their journey into Biology.

  • Specimens from the simplest organism (such as bacteria, protozoa and unicellular beings) to more complex plants and animals.
  • Packed in a practical, robust and attractive box.
  • Each slide features an individual description of the related specimen in English.
  • Each set includes an index of the slides in that set
  • Every set is professionally checked for accuracy.

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50 Prepared Slides: An Excellent Teaching Aid that will Inspire Students to begin a Journey into Biology!

50 prepared slides, for use in biological education.

  • Set includes plants, insects and animal tissues.
  • A good range of freshly selected specimens from various categories.
  • Labelled (in English) providing clear specimen identification.
  • Professionally prepared and checked, ideal for school education and collection.
  • Samples in basic science such as bacteria and cell tissue from plants and animals.
  • Samples are sealed with a cover-slip to preserve specimen and prevent contamination.
  • Ultra-clear glass for clear viewing.
  • Slides are housed in a tough ABS fitted box for easy handling and to prevent breakage.
  • The edge of the slides are polished, without sharp edges making them user friendly.
Slide Index:
  1. Corn Root Tip L.S.
  2. Young root of plant T.S.
  3. Stem of monocotyledon T.S.
  4. Stem of xylophyta dicotyledon T.S.
  5. Lower epidermis of hornbeam leaf W.M.
  6. Aspergillus W.M.
  7. Microzyme W.M.
  8. Leaf of Jasminum nudiflorum T.S.
  9. Typeface Letter”e” W.M.
  10. Apical bud L.S.
  11. Stem of Dicotyledon T.S.
  12. Pine pollen W.M.
  13. Rotifer W.M.
  14. Leaf of Pinus T.S.
  15. Lily Anther C.S.
  16. Stellate hair of Leaf Epidermis W.M.
  17. Vegetable Pollen W.M.
  18. Sporophyte of Pteridium Sec.
  19. Pollen germination W.M.
  20. Ovary of Lilium T.S.
  21. Agaricus Sec.
  22. Seed of Zea mays L.S.
  23. Epiderm of Allium W.M.
  24. Spirogyra W.M.
  25. Rhizopus W.M.
  26. Liver Sec.
  27. Zygote of Ascaris lumbricoide W.M.
  28. Earthworm T.S.
  29. Pollen-carrying leg of Honeybee W.M.
  30. Mouth part of Housefly W.M.
  31. Simple columnar epithelium Sec.
  32. Stratified squamous epithelium Sec.
  33. Dense connective tissue (Tendon L.S.)
  34. Daphnia W.M.
  35. Blood of Human smear
  36. Skeletal muscle L.S.
  37. Smooth muscle isolated W.M.
  38. Cardiac muscle Sec.
  39. Neurocytes islolated W.M.
  40. Spinal cord T.S.
  41. Corpus ventriculi Sec.
  42. Intestine of mammal T.S.
  43. Testis T.S.
  44. Ovary of frog Sec.
  45. Sperm smear
  46. Epithelium cells of cavitas oris of Human W.M.
  47. Euglena W.M.
  48. Fish scale W.M.
  49. Ciliated epithelium of gill T.S.
  50. Hydrilla verticillata leaf W.M.
Abreviations: W.M. = whole mount, L.S. = longitudinal section, C.S. = cross section, T.S. = traverse section


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