ACADEMY 1000x Microscope Konus #5304


 Professional Quality Microscope at an Extremely Competitive Price!

1000x Biological Monocular

The Academy model offers professional quality at an extremely competitive price, and along with ‘Campus’ it is one of the best selling microscopes for students and labs in the Konus range, it has the same specifications as the ‘Campus’ model except that it has a monocular rather than a binocular head.


  • Monocular Head
  • Full Metal Stand, Classical and Ergonomic Shape
  • 4 Objectives Holder, Rotatable in Both Directions
  • Optical Equipment: Wide Field Eyepieces 10x and Four DIN Achromatic Objectives 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x.
  • Magnifications Provided: 40x, 100x, 400x, 1000x. (1500x with Optional 15x Eyepiece, Code A745115)
  • Generous Holder for Slides with Graduated Movable Stage and Coaxial Handles
  • Clear Field Abbe Condenser with Double Lens, Iris Diaphragm and Filter Holder
  • Illuminator with Transmitted Light and Light Intensity Regulation
  • Supplied with Anti Dust Cover and 4 Filters: Orange, White, Light Blue and Green
  • Macro and Micrometric Focusing
  • Full Compliance with CE, UL, CSA, and GS Regulations
  • Full Instructions in 8 Languages


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