INFINITY 2 Microscope Konus #5606


A Microscope that will Satisfy the Most Demanding of Users During the Most Complex Laboratory Activity.

Konus Infinity Microscopes – 1000x Biological Binocular

These microscopes are equipped with infinity objectives in order to deliver the kind of performance that can satisfy even the most demanding of users during the most complex laboratory activity. Wave-trains of light leaving the infinity-focused objects will in fact be collimated, allowing beam-splitters, polarisers, wollaston prisms and so on to be introduced into the space between the objective and the tube lens. The infinity design also allows the use of larger objectives with better working distance than standard DIN objectives, while also having none of the distortion and aberration problems of traditional microscopes.


  • 1000x Biological binocular.
  • Infinity objectives 40x-100x, 400x-1000x.
  • Includes CD-Rom with microscopy lessons
  • Maximum technology and innovation
  • Extraordinary for photography
  • No reflexes


  • 360 Degree Rotatable Binocular Head with Dioptrical Compensation, 30 Degree inclined
  • Ergonomical Metal Stand
  • Coaxial, Bilateral Focusing with Stop, 0.002mm Graduable.
  • Planachromatic Optical System with Colour Correction
  • Two Eyepieces PL10-18mm “High Eye-Point” Type
  • Objectives: No.4 Planachromatic Objectives “ITO 4x, 10x, 40x & 100x Infinity Correct, without Chromatic Aberrations and Focus Distortions
  • Graduated Movable Stage with Double Nonius 132mmx140mm with coaxial control with movement 76x50mm
  • NA 1.22/0.24 Swing Out Achromatic Condenser with Iris Diaphragm
  • Halogen Illumination 6V/20W Regulatable with Potentiometer
  • The Regulation of Condenser Height is done with a Lateral Handle
  • Universal Voltage USA/EU 90V/240V
  • Complies with CE, UL, CSA & GS Regulations.
  • Supplied with Anti-Dust Cover
  • Instructions in 8 Languages
  • The Filter-Holder is Placed Below the Condenser & has a Light-Blue Filter in Optical Crystal


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