Konustar 11 Professional Compass – Konus #4075


  • Full metal body
  • Liquid filled
  • Clinometer
  • Level bubble
  • 2 Scales
  • Tripod attachment
  • 360-degree eyepiece
  • Complete with instructions for use in 8 languages

An Indispensable Navigation Tool!

This Konus Konustar Professional Compass will prove to be an indispensable navigation aid when out hiking or trekking. Konus have designed these compasses to make navigation precise and straightforward. The Konustar has a sturdily built, metal construction and has a built-in clinometer so that you can measure angles for exact calculations when out in the wilds. In addition this Konustar directional compass houses a level bubble to ensure that all of your readings are precise. There are also two additional measuring scales which will assist with map reading and converting distances. This well made, indispensable navigation aid has all of the features you will ever need for orienteering or hiking! No batteries required, no SatNav signal required – the professional way! This quality, liquid filled compass is supplied with a comprehensive instruction booklet in 8 languages so that you can get full use out of all of it’s features.


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