Traveller Outback 100% Crushable Leather Hat


Quality 100% Antique Leather – Crushable, Hard-Wearing & Stylish Hat for Men or Women!


This great quality Traveler Outback leather hat is extremely durable, soft, crushable and long lasting. The crushable nature of the leather will ensure it will return to shape after being packed in a bag or suitcase, making it great for travelling. The brass studded, braided hatband gives the hat a stylish and rugged look. The 100% natural leather makes the hat water resistant. It also comes with an adjustable chin cord and means the hat will stay on the head and protect you from the sun and rain even in windy conditions. In addition the hat is fitted with a flexible spring wire to the brim which keeps it rigid and maintains it’s shape.

Top quality, antique cowhide, crushable leather hat

  • Leather braided hatband with brass studs
  • Flexible spring wire on brim
  • Air vent brass eyelets 2 on both sides
  • Chin cord
  • Water-resistant


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