Prepared Slides – Biology 2: The Human Body – Organ Structure (25 slides) KONUS #4987


Set of 25 Prepared Slides: No.4 of 6 in the Konus Biology 2 Series.


  1. Skin from axillary showing sweat glands, hair follicles.
  2. Scalp showing hair follicles and sebaceous glands.
  3. Finger nail, transversal section finger through the nail bed.
  4. Parotid gland, a purely serous gland.
  5. Sublingual gland, a mixed gland.
  6. Esophagus and trachea, lateral section of both organs.
  7. Gastric wall.
  8. Intestine.
  9. Appendix, transversal section.
  10. Liver
  11. Liver, pig fibrous trabeculae between lobules.
  12. Gall bladder.
  13. Pancreas, secreting acini and island of Langerhans.
  14. Lung.
  15. Aorta, transversal section hematose & eosin and elastic tissue stain.
  16. Artery and vein elastic tissue stain.
  17. Kidney, section of cortical zone.
  18. Ureter transversal section.
  19. Urinary bladder.
  20. Uterine tube (oviduct) sec. through ampulla.
  21. Male gonad, transversal section.
  22. Spermatozoa smear.
  23. Prostate.
  24. Bone marrow with developing blood cells.
  25. Thyroid gland.

Prepared Slides – BIOLOGY 2 SERIES by Konus. #4987 The Human Body – Organ Structure.

This series is about the part of Biology that studies the human body.
The prepared slides feature various cell and animal tissues, bones, fluids and organ structure, of this marvellous “machine”, not only when the human body has normal tissues and is healthy but also when it is affected by serious illnesses such as pneumonia or cancer.
– Packed in a practical and attractive box.
– Each slides features an individual description of the related specimen in 8 languages.
– Every set includes the description of the whole 34 series of the Konus range of slides, embracing many different themes.
– Every set is introduced and commented by a professor of a renowned University.


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