BIOREX-2 Microscope Konus #5601


Great Quality Optics which provide Extraordinarily Bright Images with True Colour Values!

1000x Biological Binocular


360 degree rotatable binocular head with dioptric compensation, 45 degree inclined. Sturdy and ergonomic stand with full metal construction. The objective holder can be rotated in either direction and features four objectives. Coarse and fine focus adjustment: coaxial bilateral knob with macro micrometrical regulations, placed on both sides of the stand.

Clear body N.A.1.22/0.24 achromatic colour condenser with numerical aperture of 1.25. it has a light condensation system with double lens and iris diaphragm. Height regulation is done by lateral handle. The filter-holder is placed in the inferior part of the condenser and has a light-blue filter in optical crystal.



  • Big dimension stage 140x135mm with graduated movements and coaxial regulation; slides can be mounted in two different positions
  • Optical equipment: 2 wide field eyepieces WF10x/18mm and four achromatic objectives (4x/0.1, 10x/0.25, 40x/0.65 and 100x/1.25 immersion) with magnifications from 40x to 1000x
  • Low voltage illuminator 6V/20W with condenser lens and light intensity regulation with rheostat
  • Universal voltage 90V/240V for USA aand CE
  • Supplied with anti-dust cover
  • In compliance with CE,UL, CSA and GS regulations
  • Instructions and packaging in 8 languages


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