A ‘business trip’ to Meath Eco Park – a little piece of Irish Heaven!

DusK-9 8×42 binoculars

Dave Robinson, the owner of Meath Eco Park recently placed an order for some of our new DusK-9 8×42 binoculars. Dave had been a customer of ours in the past and had ordered several pairs of our Konus Emperor model binoculars previously.

I had heard about Dave’s new venture; Meath Eco Park (formerly Rathbeggan Lakes). So decided to pay him a visit and deliver the binoculars personally. I wanted to see what it was all about. The weather was kind on the day but the N11, M50 & N3 were very busy! I was relieved when I finally arrived at the park!

Dave welcomed me and also gave me a pot of their home produced honey. He kindly took the time to show me around some of the 22 acre site. We ended up sitting on a bench in front of one of the four lakes to try the binoculars out. It really was a tranquil setting, with fish ‘topping’ on the surface, dragon flies buzzing about and Dave’s two dogs splashing around in the water.

Dave gave the binoculars a good test and was certainly impressed that he could see dragonflies on the far side of the lake with them.


Colt 8×32 binoculars

I had also brought along a pair of our new Colt 8×32 binoculars for him to try. They are very high quality compact binoculars. Again Dave was amazed by the brightness and clarity that is possible to achieve from such small pair of compact binoculars. He was so impressed he bought a pair of the Colt too! What he particularly liked was the fact that both the DusK-9 8×42 and Colt 8×32 are Irish brand binoculars. So if he had a query or needed replacements in a hurry he could contact someone by phone and get a delivery next day


So for me it turned into a very worthwhile ‘business trip’. A relaxing hour in a tranquil setting, two good sales, pleasant company AND a pot of honey!

Tim Arnold (owner Agent 74)

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