Konus Aurus magnifying glass #3111


Very Good Quality Magnifying Glass, Featuring White Optical Glass, and Three Hidden Screwdrivers!

If it’s a good quality magnifying glass that you are seeking then the Konus Aurus collection is the answer! they distinguish themselves with their classy design and superior materials including ultra-white glass, and golden metal mount and handle.

They have a hidden secret too – unscrew the handle base to reveal three useful mini screwdrivers!

The Konus #3111 Aurus magnifying glass comes in varying lens diameters and magnification powers, please select an option from the drop-down menu.

Good Quality Magnifying Glass by Konus

  • Lens made with optical glass
  • Metal rim and handle
  • 4 diameter/magnification options:
  • 50mm-4.5x,
  • 60mm-3x,
  • 70mm-2.5x and
  • 80mm-2x
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