DIAMOND Stereoscopical Microscope Konus #5420


Stereoscopical Microscope, Ideal for the Study of 3D objects such as Coins, Stones etc.

20x-40x Zoom Stereoscopical

This versatile model packs many great features that will prove to be invaluable during the in-depth observation of any specimen, such as its double 20x-40x magnification power and its dual illumination with incidental and transmitted light (12V/10W).

Fully made of metal with high precision mechanical construction. Focusing adjustment with rack and pinion system operated by lateral knobs. 45 degree inclined binocular head, with adjustable inter-pupillary distance (from 51 to 75mm) and dioptric compensation on the left eypiece holder.

Supplied with an anti-dust cover.



  • Two wide field eyepieces WF10X/20mm and 2 objectives 2x and 4x in the equipment thus providing 20x and 40x magnifications that can be increased up to 30x-60x or 40x-80x with the optional eyepieces.
  • Illumination: This model has a double illuminator for incidental or transmitted light, with two halogen bulbs 12V/10W.
  • Stage: It is supplied with a white/black contrast disc and a transparent disc.
  • Focusing: achieved with a rack and pinion system operated by lateral knobs.
  • Working distance 40mm.


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