COLLEGE 600x Microscope Konus #5302


Excellent Optical Quality Microscope for Students and Science Enthusiasts Alike!

600x Biological Monocular

The perfect introductory microscope for every student and science enthusiast, featuring the same optical quality of way more professional instruments.


  • Monocular Head and Heavy Duty Metal Stand
  • Rotatable Objective Holder with Three Objectives
  • Optical Equipment: Wide Field Eyepiece 15x and Three Achromatic Objectives DIN 4x, 10x, 40x.
  • Magnification Powers: 60x, 150x and 600x.
  • Macro and Micrometrical Focusing Knobs
  • Stage Set for Prepared Slides
  • Light Condenser with Iris Diaphragm and Filter Holder
  • Free CD Rom included
  • Full Compliance with CE, UL, CSA and GS regulations
  • Supplied with Anti Dust Cover
  • Instructions and Packing in 8 Languages


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